Residential Electric Gates

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Autoelectric gates in Barnsley are a bespoke manufacturer and installer of steel and hybrid (Wooden infill steel) gates. We provide a complete service from initial site survey through to design and installation of gates for residential customers in Barnsley and surrounding areas of South Yorkshire. We manufacture and install iron gates and railings, wooden infill steel gates, swing gates, sliding gates and pedestrian gates. Our experienced team have been installing Automatic Electric Gate entry systems since 1998.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are the most popular type of gates used on driveways and residential properties. A pair of high quality electrically operated swing gates provide an impressive looking entrance for any property. They also improve security for homeowners and deter would be trespassers. We can design and install single or double gates to suit your requirements.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are usually installed when there are restrictions (usually due by lack of space)  which prevent the installation of traditional swing gates. The space saving features of sliding gates leave the full length of the driveway available for vehicle parking. Sliding gates can also be installed where upward sloping driveways would prevent the installation of swing gates.

Wooden Infill / Hybrid Gates

Many of our clients prefer the look of Timber infill gates. The right choice of timber infill creates impressive and beautiful looking, unique and personalised gates. Various type of timber can be used to suit your budget from popular hardwoods such as Teak and Oak or more affordable soft woods like Redwood and cedar.

Gates & Railings

We design manufacture and install railings to match the design of your gates. Matching railings enhance the look of a property as well as providing an extra security deterrent against thieves and trespassers. As with our gates these can be supplies in a range of finishes to suit your requirements. We offer dip galvanised and powder coated finishes in a range of colours, these treatments will ensure your gates and railings provide many years of maintenance free service.
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Pedestrian Gates

We manufacture and install pedestrian gates in any design for a variety of applications. If you are looking to increase security or enhance your privacy, a pedestrian gate can provide the perfect solution. We offer a range of automation solutions which enable to gate locks to be operated remotely as well as providing keypad access on the gates themselves.

Gate Automation

We offer a wide range of gate automation solutions. Electrically operated gates will provide you with easy secure access to your property. Operating your gates by remote control from inside your vehicle or your home means you never have to get out of your car or go outside to let in visitors. Various electric gate systems can be installed depending on your budget. Gate actuators can be installed above or below ground.

Access Control

With electric gates systems we commonly install access control equipment. This is usually in the form of an intercom system with access control and a keypad for visitors and pedestrians  who may require direct access to your property. Again a wide range of access equipment is available depending your budget and requirements. Video intercom systems are now very popular as the prices for this type of equipment have become quite competitive over the last few years. These systems can be wired or wireless to suit your particular installation.